Celebrations – proud progress.

Horse-riding has been a huge success for all the children and they have achieved so much!

Cued articulation married up with the sound books as is accelerating our pupils’ speech progression.  Their recognition, discrimination (listening skills) and production of phonemes (sounds) is improving every day and encouraging speech!

We are seeing a transfer of their sound work into their reading; huge praise to Keir who read every word in a book from start to finish and Lotus who is reading in her environment and can read 10 high frequency words!

Assistive technology is also playing an important role in our pupils’ learning.  Harry is able to write independently six sentences using Clicker 7, Henry can create four-part symbol sentences (read and sign) using his communication system and Ella can spell her name out using her Vantage! 

We will continue to access the community on a Monday afternoon, visiting local locations such as the park, library and Morrison’s.  Unfortunately, horse riding will finish at the end of the Spring term and will return next teaching year.

Learning next term

We are looking forward to a creative half term which will involve making a pirate ship, dressing up like a pirate and small world, ‘Jake and the Netherland Pirates’.  The chosen books are; Five minutes to bed, Class Three go to Sea and the Singing Mermaid.  

All activities will incorporate sound work, reading and signing.  We will continue to build in life skills; dressing, hoovering and dusting are our next focus.  Please if anyone has a spare hoover or toy one we could borrow for a half term that would really help. 

To support the topic, we are planning to join Swifts for a visit to the Sea Life Centre at Hunstanton.